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Artist Vrubel, author of “The Kiss” Brezhnev and Honecker, died

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The famous graffiti writer was 62 years old.

Artist Dmitry Vrubel, author of the famous “Sister Kiss” graffiti by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German leader Erich Honecker, died in Berlin. He was 62 years old. This was reported by the Russian media.

In June, the artist contracted a new type of coronavirus infection. He was hospitalized and connected to a ventilator and cardiopulmonary bypass. He had heart surgery at the beginning of August. Shortly before the death of the artist, his wife Victoria Timofeeva reported that Dmitry Vrubel was in serious condition.

Recall that Dmitry Vrubel is a descendant of the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. He was born in Moscow, studied at the State Pedagogical Institute at the Faculty of Arts and Graphics, but did not graduate from it. Despite this, he was admitted to the Union of Artists of the USSR in 1983.

In 1990 Vrubel moved to Berlin. And in the same year he wrote his most famous work – graffiti kissing Leonid Brezhnev, Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee and the leader of the GDR Eric Honecker. The painting is titled “My God! Help me survive amid this mortal love.” Also known as the “Sister Kiss”. Dmitry Vrubel’s Graffiti has become one of the most famous street paintings in the world.

As you know, the prototype was a photograph taken by French photographer Regis Bossu in 1979. It is worth noting that until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the graffiti on the wall was only found on the western side. Vrubel sought special permission from the East German Ministry of National Defense to paint a painting on the east side of the Berlin Wall. But it was rejected. Then Vrubel took permission and signed a contract, in which he completely relinquished the rights to the painting.

The artist’s drawing was deleted when the wall was restored in 2009. However, he agreed to restore the painting.

Focus He previously wrote that eco-activists in Italy were trying to cling to the canvas of Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. Fortunately, the painting survived unscathed thanks to the strong glass for added protection.

Source: Riafan

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