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APU will receive FlyEye drones worth UAH 5.4 million: what UAV scouts can do

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An unmanned complex with two drones and a control station is already helping to recapture the Kherson region from the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian IT company Intellias donated UAH 5,485,000 to purchase reconnaissance aircraft. The Gagadget website writes about it, citing a press release from the company.

In honor of its twentieth anniversary, Intellias announced that it has donated money to the Sergei Prytula charitable foundation. With this money, the volunteers bought an unmanned aerial complex consisting of two FlyEye aircraft and a control station. Currently, these devices help Ukrainian soldiers liberate temporarily occupied areas of the Kherson region.

The FlyEye complex was developed by the Polish company WB Electronics. The Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use them even before the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation and continues to use them now. The military particularly appreciates such drones for their good protection against enemy electronic warfare systems and their ability to launch directly from the hand without any catapults or launchers. Drones are controlled by Topaz artillery fire control software and SKOM mortar fire control software, as well as software developed specifically for them.

Features of FlyEye UAV:

  • The maximum speed of the aircraft is up to 160 km/h (weather dependent)
  • Flight range – 50 km
  • Flight time – up to 180 minutes.
  • Height ceiling – 4 km
  • Load weight – 11 kg
  • Length – 1.9 m
  • Wingspan – 3.6 m

“Intellias is 20 years old, and in this case, the best gift for us is victory. We hope the FlyEye drone we’ve purchased is already ahead and doing its job, it will help bring it even closer.” wrote the press service. .

Sergei Prytula, in his comments, noted that the Ukrainian army constantly needs the necessary drones for reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire, which is the main way to defeat the enemy. According to him, thanks to one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Fly Eye, at the forefront it has become even more efficient.

Earlier, they wrote that the Ukrainian Armed Forces received dozens of FlyEye and DJI Matrice 300 drones as part of the Army of Drones project. Mikhail Fedorov, head of the Ministry of Digital Development, described FlyEye as one of the best reconnaissance drones on the market.

They also reported on the most popular commercial drones in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army successfully uses modified civilian models to search and destroy the Russian Armed Forces.

Source: Riafan

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