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APU first showed the Dutch drone DeltaQuad in action: what it can do (video)

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The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone allows reconnaissance, mapping and tracking of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces demonstrated for the first time how they used Dutch DeltaQuad drones. The video was broadcast by the telegram channel “Operational ZSU”.

In a short video, the military launches the DeltaQuad to perform the next mission. The drone was deployed vertically on the pavement, presumably in the middle of the road, from where it took off, then switched to airplane mode and headed for the landing strip. Details of the operation were not disclosed.

What is known about the DeltaQuad drone

Drones DeltaQuad was developed by the company of the same name from the Netherlands. The creators claim that the UAV is protected from rain and snow, and at the same time can autonomously overcome up to 100 km in a single flight. With the help of the aircraft, the Ukrainian army can conduct reconnaissance and aerial surveys for mapping, for this it can lift a payload of up to 1.2 kg, including thermal cameras and high-resolution cameras.

DeltaQuad takes only a minute to assemble and prepare. The main advantage of the device is vertical take-off and landing, because the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not need to search for a runway or install a launcher every time. Operators can manually control the UAV or send it on an autonomous flight where it can independently monitor people, cars, ships and other drones.

DeltaQuad key features

  • Wingspan: 235 cm
  • length: 90cm
  • Maximum take-off weight: 6.2 kg
  • Cruising speed: 60-65 km/h
  • Top speed 100 km/h empty and 90 km/h loaded
  • Maximum flight time: about 2 hours

In May, the portal “Military” reported that the World Congress of Ukrainians purchased the first DeltaQuad drone in the Netherlands for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Purchased as part of the #UniteWithUkraine campaign.

It was previously reported that Serhiy Prytula’s foundation donated DeltaQuad unmanned aerial vehicles for 100,000 euros to the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the 42nd separate motorized infantry battalion “Rukh Oporu” and the 59th brigade. At the same time, volunteers sent EOS C VTOL drones and domestic Leleka-100 drones to the Ukrainian army.

It was also reported that Ukraine will receive ScanEagle and Puma combat drones from the USA. These small drones will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct reconnaissance and open fire on the enemy.

Source: Riafan

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