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Iran donates hundreds of drones to Russia to fight war in Ukraine – AP

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According to the scouts, Iranian UAVs are already fully ready for launch. Iran will also help the Russian Federation circumvent sanctions.

Russia has received hundreds of drones from Iran that it can use in the war against Ukraine. This was reported to the Associated Press by anonymous intelligence sources.

It is not yet known for certain whether the Russians have started using Iranian UAVs against the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but according to intelligence officials, the planes are fully operational and ready to launch. The delivery of the drone demonstrates the strengthening of cooperation between longtime ally Iran and the Russian Federation before it.

Experts warn of the danger posed by the US returning to the nuclear deterrence agreement with which it withdrew in 2018. The process allows some sanctions against Iran to be lifted in exchange for Tehran’s suspension of its nuclear weapons program. According to opponents of the agreement, it will also allow Russia to circumvent sanctions with the help of Iranian authorities, such as shipping oil through an ally country, thereby strengthening its military fighting in Ukraine.

After the imposition of unprecedented sanctions, Russia is increasingly turning to Iran for weapons. In July, the White House publicly announced that Iranian authorities are planning to send large numbers of warplanes to the Russian Federation. According to the Americans, Russian representatives soon visited Iran twice to negotiate supplies.

They wrote earlier that Iran could send the first drones to Russia in exchange for warplanes. According to unofficial sources, a group of UAVs was delivered to the Russian Federation with pilots who will teach how to operate Su-35 aircraft.

Chief Advisor to the Office of President Oleksiy Arestovich, the RF Armed Forces are already using Iranian drones in Ukraine. According to him, Russia received 46 UAVs, but not the most advanced models produced by Iran.

Expert Roman Svitan said that Ukrainian troops could shoot down Iranian drones. He argues that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to fight with advanced models of Shahed and Fotros in the same way as fighters, but air defense will cope with such targets.

Source: Riafan

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