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In Bari, the Central Park designed by Fuksas within 4 years, 70 hectares of greenery in the city center

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In Bari, a Central Park that is not rectangular, but three kilometers long, on the railway, to make the city greener and more sustainable. With this project, Massimiliano Fuksas won the international competition “Baricentrale”

If Paris had the sea it would be a small Bari, the saying goes, but now that the Apulian city will also have its “Central Park”, it will also be able to compete with New York. The project by Massimiliano Fuksas, winner of the international ideas competition “Baricentrale”, provides a three-kilometer path for the integration of the bundle of tracks that separates the historical part of the city from the modern one. The project was viewed as part of the exhibition of 10 finalist projects that opens today at the Margherita Theater and should see the light within four years.

A three kilometer long green river

“Fuksas’ studio project is simple, poetic and extraordinary, also because – Michele Emiliano, the former mayor of Bari, said some time ago – it finally contains everything we had in mind for our city; it is the mother of all urban projects, something we may have been doing for a hundred years.” This is the largest project of its kind in southern Italy; a kind of green river that stretches for three kilometers in the heart of the city, transforming the existing railway line into a large linear park that can compensate for the lack of greenery in the city and improve the overall quality of the urban environment. Furthermore, with this project traffic is shifted to a peripheral link.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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