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Using the new Ukrainian aircraft “Kid”, equipped with APU, mines and RPGs (video)

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Engineers developed two models of UAVs, which the army currently uses in the Sumy region. They are protected from extreme conditions and electronic warfare equipment.

One of the Special Operations Forces units in the Sumy area uses unusual drones equipped with bomb and grenade launchers. This was reported by the Operational-tactics group “Summy” on Facebook.

According to the soldiers of the Vidikon TV and Radio Company, the MTR soldiers from Zaporozhye brought to the Sumy region large quadrocopters “Malysh”, capable of lifting loads weighing up to 15 kg. They can carry 120 mm and 82 mm mines, as well as other shells, including powerful pipe bombs. In total, you can add up to 6 ammunition to request Russian troops in turn or all at once.

The flight time of such drones is about an hour, and during this time they can cover a distance of about 20 km. Drones accelerate to 100 km / h, can climb 1-2 km, here they are “inaudible and almost invisible.”

The military presented a smaller UAV with two downward-pointing grenade launchers attached to the fuselage. Weapons can be any model: both Ukrainian and foreign production. The drone can fly into the area controlled by the Russians, hover over the enemy’s position and hit him with well-aimed shots.

“These aircraft are resistant to electronic warfare of the enemy, they have already fulfilled their combat mission,” said one of the soldiers. Another is, “They are suitable for all weather conditions, they are not affected by weather conditions, they can fly in rain, snow and blizzard.”

The presented drones were developed and assembled by Ukrainian engineers who worked as teachers in technical universities before the full-scale war and now assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UAVs are currently used for reconnaissance and protection of border areas in the Sumy region. Both models are equipped with artificial intelligence, which allows them to move even without the direct control of the operators by following the given coordinates.

Earlier, they wrote how the Ukrainian aircraft R-18 found and destroyed the secret equipment of the Russian Federation. Engineers from the public enterprise “Aerorazvedka” developed a combat UAV, equipped it with a thermal imager and mounted it for dropping grenades.

They also wrote that volunteers from the Territory of Life Foundation have created inexpensive drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among them is an attack aircraft, which the developers call “mini-Flagtar”.

Source: Riafan

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