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“For Irpen and Bucha”: the Armed Forces of Ukraine received 20 Warmate attack aircraft to destroy the Russian Armed Forces

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Kamikaze UAVs track targets and explode on impact. Another 20 pieces will be sent to the front before the end of the month.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces received the first 20 Warmate attack aircraft in exchange for the money raised for the Drone Army through Monobank. The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, spoke about this on the telegram channel on September 7.

According to him, in less than a week, Ukrainians transferred 64 million UAH to the “bank” (accumulation account) in Monobank. With this money, the government has already purchased 40 Wormate aircraft as part of the Drone Army project: half of them have already been sent to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the front, and the remaining 20 were promised to be delivered. end of September.

Residents of Ukraine had the opportunity to leave messages for the Russian invaders to the UAV, for example, some drones now have inscriptions on their wings: “For Mariupol and Bucha” or “Ticket to the Kobzon concert”. Mikhail Fedorov and Monobank CEO Oleg Gorokhovsky also left something for the RF Armed Forces.

The head of the Ministry of Digital Development said, “Thanks to Monobank and everyone who participated in the fundraiser. This reinforcement is very important to our advocates.”

Warmate is manufactured by the Polish company WB Electronics and belongs to the so-called kamikaze drones – they explode on impact with a high-speed target. The UAV with an electric motor and high wing design is designed to search and destroy lightly armored vehicles, air defense systems, electronic warfare and electronic intelligence. The drone can be deployed and prepared in just 10 minutes, launched using a container-type launcher. In addition to Poland, Warmate is used by many other NATO countries.

Key features of the Warmate attack aircraft

  • Application radius: up to 30 km;
  • Flight time: 70 min.;
  • Maximum speed: 150 km/h;
  • Maximum flight altitude: 500 m;
  • Maximum take-off weight: 4 kg;
  • Warhead: up to 800 g;
  • Management: automatic, possible to cancel strike by operator

It was previously written that Lithuania will purchase 37 Warmate UAVs for the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a total value of 1 million euros. To do this, Lithuanians launched a fundraising campaign called “LegionOfBoom” before Ukraine’s Independence Day.

There is information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already used Polish Warmmate drones to destroy the Russian army. As the researchers discovered, assault UAVs are equipped with high-explosive fragmentation warheads containing 530 g of RDX and 524 g of fragmentation material.

Source: Riafan

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