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Reply to American Switchblade: China showed off its new shock drone FH-901 in action

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During the air show, a strike UAV defiantly destroyed the tank of the alleged enemy.

State-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in Beijing introduced the FH-901 kamikaze drone, which should be the answer to the Switchblade. This was written by Global Times.

An ad on a drone forum showed that a UAV similar to the FH-901 swooped down on a tank and exploded, destroying armored vehicles. According to the Global Times, the Chinese drone can be launched not only from the ground, but also from airborne aircraft or larger drones. The gun is equipped with an electronic or infrared reconnaissance charge that functions as a targeting system.

Known Features of the FH-901

  • Total weight: 9 kg
  • Warhead weight: 3.5 kg
  • Range: 15 km
  • Flight time: approx. 60 min.
  • Working altitude: 100-150m
  • Travel speed: 100 km/h
  • Diving speed: 288 km/h

Observers compared the Chinese innovation to the Switchblade drone manufactured by AeroVironment in the United States. Recently, the American “kamikaze” has become very famous thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which used them against the Russian invaders.

Since 2004, the Chinese company has been developing two lines of drones: CH and FH. The press release states that many devices are exported to other countries and are also used for civilian purposes: aerial geophysical survey, forest fire fighting, mapping and rescuing people during disasters. Developers are constantly improving the experience and also improving the performance of their drones. The forum also presented the CH-4, CH-5 and CH-10 models.

Recently, China demonstrated its WZ-8 UAV, designed to destroy fighters. It can reach speeds of up to 3700 km / h, so air defense missiles are practically inaccessible.

They also wrote about how the Switchblade 600 UAV will help Ukraine liberate Kherson and Crimea. Samuel Bendett of the US Center for Naval Analysis and the Center for New American Security claims that these kamikaze drones can operate beyond the reach of Russian systems.

Source: Riafan

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