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They can move mountains! Top 3 most temperamental zodiac signs

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The position of the stars affects the formation of a person’s temperament. And already temperament affects the character and behavior of the individual. Astrologers say that knowing the type of temperament, you can easily and accurately adjust your own destiny, and also establish excellent relationships with friends, relatives and colleagues. There are three of the most temperamental zodiac signs.

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Aries are pure choleric, impulsive extroverts. They are always conquerors, leaders, almost always impatient and stubborn, ready to defend their views in any situation. At the same time, Aries is generous and generous, vulnerable and romantic. They have a great sense of humor. People born under this sign are generous and friendly, they can laugh at their own mistakes. They are interesting chatters.

a lion

They are characterized by the emotionality of optimistic people and the instability of choleric people. They often live by their own rules and try to instill those rules in others. Active, ambitious, energetic – any business burns in their hands. Hot-tempered, does not tolerate neglect of themselves. as representatives of the fiery sign, they are characterized by selfishness and arrogance. Lions are generous and noble, like true kings. They like to make expensive gifts and do good deeds from the heart.


Their temperament is 90% choleric and 10% melancholic. Emotional and intelligent Scorpios have a strong-willed character, they can withstand the most difficult difficulties without losing energy. Scorpios are vindictive, they do not forget anything. At the same time, representatives of this sign are very devoted and attentive, always ready to come to the rescue.

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