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Horoscope for all signs, predictions for September 18

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest these days? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is the horoscope for September 18 sign by sign for today.

Sunday fruitful with cultural interests, communicative exchanges, stimuli in the social and emotional context. In today’s love you express not only eros, but also a lot of sentiment. You are highly valued at work, especially if you have chosen to embrace the profession.

Today, humor and a desire to play are increasing. You’ll be in great shape at any activity you want to try today. Organize free time with old friends together with your other half. At work, if you’re a freelancer, you’ll see an increase in consent.

Today it is possible that a friend of yours needs you, you will be a precious and concrete resource. Mars, the planet of eros, lets you experience the couple relationship as an authentic sexual transport and not too much emotional involvement. On a professional level, you feel dynamic and hyperactive this Sunday.

In the Virgo friend, the positive sun gives you the agility and ease you need to choose any sport you enjoy. Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury in discordant aspect, especially if you are born in the third and first decade, do not help you in communication and in loving harmony. Unexpected career developments.

An asset-related question will no doubt be resolved quickly. Physical activity resume for all sporting Lions. In love you need pampering. Venus, supported by Mars, is paving the way for significant professional success, especially if you were born between August 16 and 20.

A sporadic drop in tone on this day cannot be ruled out, especially if you belong to the fairer sex. Better a little relaxation and sleep. Reverse Mars can make you a little nervous with your significant other. Cast out bad thoughts. Use caution when spending: if you have an investment of a certain size in mind, it is better to postpone it.

A few passing clouds do not undermine the climate of euphoria that characterizes the present moment. This Sunday is all about sentimental news for you. Singles experience a moment of confirmation of their charm. Are you still working today? On the contrary, Jupiter doesn’t see you very attentively, especially if you were born in the first decade.

It is still Uranus opposing you from the sign of Taurus from where it gives you some nervousness and tension. If you can, treat yourself to a day at the spa. Pluto in concrete Capricorn works for you by repairing and improving romantic relationships that seemed difficult or shaky. Excellent results at work for the self-employed.

Those of you born in the first two Sagittarius decades feel a more genuine family harmony. A brilliant Jupiter opens you up to a newfound harmony with your (or your) partner. At work, you are ready to start over by accepting a new important project that will be entrusted to you.

Pluto in your sign gives you exceptional tranquility and logical reflection. Today, however, especially in the family, pay attention to words. If you are single, Pluto in conjunction in your sign and especially if you are born in the third decade gives you the opportunity to identify who is right for you. At work, a risky project looms on the horizon: better evaluating every detail.

A group of beneficial planets leads you to a vibrant and stimulating period. It is not forbidden to enjoy some small luxuries that you have cherished for a long time. In love you can open your heart to new loves or to old passions. At work, you will reap the rewards of your efforts today.


The negative sun puts a little strain on your body, which can be affected by the newly started work activity. It is necessary that you move a lot now and a little gym. A rare ability to understand each other with your partner accompanies you on Sunday. The sun, in the opposite astrological angle, presents you with challenges, especially if you were born between March 9 and 15, but you manage to overcome them with unexpected strategies.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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