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Horoscope for the day, predictions for September 20, sign by sign

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest these days? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here’s today’s September 20 horoscope sign by sign.


Ready and executive, today you are able to manage every day-to-day task, especially in the family. Restore harmony on all levels with the loved one with whom you had recently experienced an atmosphere of fatigue and eros. At work today, be careful not to offend the sensitivity of your loved ones.


Changing mood these days, due to rapid celestial opposition, it is better not to give weight to sterile controversies. In love, you feel a moment of fatigue, but Pluto will help you, especially if you were born in the third decade. Thanks in part to Pluto, if you were born in the third decade, you will have a lot of job satisfaction.


Today, some nervousness should disappear and you will unexpectedly overcome each with brilliant strokes of genius. When you are single, many possibilities open up to you. The work landscape is interesting: there is a possible phase of office rotation, especially if you were born in the first decade. With very positive Mercury and Mars, professional changes are expected.


Today you can see a slight decrease in vitality and the onset of fatigue before the fall. The moon, on the other hand, rewards you with family serenity and emotional satisfaction. If you are single, love at first sight for those born between June 29 and July 9. At work, economic rewards for those born in the second decade.


Today you may be fickle or inflexible when dealing with others. With Uranus mugs, you lions born in the second decade are advised not to overdo it. In love, an explosive third-decade lineup produces a bang that ignites the passion. However, if you belong to the second decade, you may experience a climate of nervousness at work.


Today you will enjoy a lot of charm, especially if you were born in the third decade. Venus, Uranus and Pluto in excellent appearance guarantee you sexual attraction, especially if you were born in the long period between August 28 and September 13. On the contrary, Mars can create an atmosphere of demobilization in the office, an atmosphere that makes you listless and inefficient.


Mercury in your sign raises the level of your intellectual focus. Leave out some daily tasks and take care of those who are close to you and truly love you. Be careful not to exaggerate your ambitions at work: the planet guides you to balance your potential.


A small drop in energy if you were born in the second decade shouldn’t worry too much as you have an enviable health condition. Intense moment in feelings. Neptune goes through the sign of Pisces and promises magical emotions. At work, Pluto gives you prestigious acknowledgments of your outstanding professionalism.


Benevolent planets ease tensions and prepare for an extremely productive fall. In terms of exercise, Mars gives you the energy you need for your favorite sports. Mercury increases vitality, charm and beauty, all to show off if you are single, especially if you were born in the first decade.


Pluto and Neptune are preparing for you a very fruitful moment for inner growth and the will to understand what your concrete goals are. Uranus in Taurus brings the passionate and sensual charge to the top, especially if you belong to the second decade. In the professional field you have to disconnect for a while after a very intense period.


Mercury Libra gives you an irresistible, winning spontaneous impulse: every action will have the support of luck. However, because of Uranus, the day may start with a minor misunderstanding with your significant other. At work you show that you are able to create an atmosphere of cordiality.


Your relationships in the family and in the bonds of friendship will be excellent. Relations with colleagues are more sensitive, because of some quick negativities. In love, some unexpected encounters in lonely hearts help to revive and break the monotony in their air. If you are a freelancer, you will get substantial results that will fill you with satisfaction.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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