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Minus seven Shahed 136: Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled two drone attacks within 10 hours

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The Ukrainian army has already gained enough experience in the fight against Iranian UAVs and found effective ways to defeat them.

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The Ukrainian army effectively repulsed the attacks of the Russian army, destroying the Iranian Shahed 136 aircraft in the air. The Ukrainian Air Force reported on Facebook that they shot down at least 6 enemy drones in 10 hours.

On September 26, around 22:00, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft artillery of the “Southern” Operational Command struck three Shahed 136, aimed at Odessa. In addition, another UAV of this type was shot down earlier, around 2 o’clock. On the morning of September 27, Russian troops sent three Shahed 136 to the Nikolaev area, but the air defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also managed to put them to sleep around 8 am.

The Ukrainian Air Force emphasizes that the military personnel of all branches of the armed forces are gaining more and more experience in destroying enemy kamikaze drones, including Iranian ones. They find the most effective methods in combating the UAVs and mobile ammunition used by the Russians.

Shahed-136 is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to destroy objects at great distances from Iran. It is aimed at the target with satellite coordinates and is launched from the launch platform. The drone accelerates and gains altitude with the help of the engine, then dives and crashes into objects, detonating a warhead weighing about 40 kg in its nose.

Earlier, experts talked about why Russia used Iran Shahed 136 drones and how it could be shot down. The Ukrainian Armed Forces has determined that UAVs are vulnerable to both air defense systems and electronic warfare systems. The Russians can use them instead of missiles to hit Western weapons.

They also wrote that Ukraine received Israeli equipment to suppress UAVs. According to media reports, one of the development companies transferred devices that fit the definition of “advanced defense technology” via Poland.

Information emerged that Iranian kamikaze drones are equipped with processors from the USA. Microcircuits manufactured by Texas Instruments were found in Shahed-131 devices.

Source: Riafan

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