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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation complains about the quality of Russian drones: there are not enough parts

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Manufacturers are not able to meet the requirements of the military, so the Russian army has an acute shortage of reconnaissance and shoots down UAVs.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense is dissatisfied with the majority of unmanned aerial vehicles produced by Russian enterprises. Colonel Igor Ishchuk, a representative of the department, spoke about this at a thematic roundtable meeting dedicated to the development of technologies, the TASS agency reported.

He complained that almost all Russian UAVs do not meet the tactical requirements and technical specifications set by the RF Ministry of Defense. According to Igor Ischuk, manufacturers cannot meet the set conditions and the main problem is the lack of advanced components. As a result, the Russian military is forced to conclude additional agreements with enterprises, simplifying the requirements and putting unmanned aerial vehicles into service in “experimental mode”.

Above all, the Russian military lacks devices for electronic intelligence, as well as kamikaze drones used as ammunition. In addition, the RF Armed Forces are in great need of inexpensive UAVs with navigation receivers shielded from electronic interference, an enemy radiation warning system, and a “friend or foe” identification system.

“It should be easy to use,” admitted Igor Ischuk.

Earlier, they wrote that the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down Russian drones due to cheap electronics. Orlan-10, the most common UAV of the invaders, is poorly protected from electronic warfare, so they are captured almost intact. Anti-drone installations of EM4S “Sky Wiper”, KVS and DroneShield are very useful for Ukrainians – they block and disrupt the signal between drones and operators.

Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces uses Iranian Shahed 136 UAVs. According to experts, these are very dangerous devices that can hit ammunition depots and weapons, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already found ways to deal with them. It turned out that foreign drones are vulnerable to air defense systems and electronic warfare systems.

Source: Riafan

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