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Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive Titan complexes: how to defeat Russian strike UAVs (photo)

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The device can cope with a range of military drones, even in urban environments.

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The United States plans to provide assistance to Ukraine – $ 1.1 billion. Basically, to combat military drones will be the latest weapons, including the Titan complexes, writes apnews.com.

The defenders of Ukraine will be provided with 18 High-Movement Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) missile systems, ammunition for them, as well as 12 Titan systems used against attack and reconnaissance drones.

Officials said HIMARS and other similar systems have played a key role in Ukraine’s combat successes in recent weeks, and the Russians are using Iranian-made drones to engage Ukrainian forces, emphasizing the need for more systems to counter this threat.

Titan multisensor systems are developed by the American company BlueHalo. The device is equipped with machine learning algorithms and works on the basis of artificial intelligence. This gives it the ability to recognize drones in the air during their flight. Once the device has determined the drone type, it “decides” what tactics to use to get it out of a stall state. By the way, it can cope with a swarm of drones even in urban conditions.

Titan can scan airspace within a radius of 3 km and “take” an enemy drone if it is at a distance of 1.5 km. Engineers equipped the system with antennas and a control unit, but they say that it is not necessary to control a portable device, since it also works offline. It is very easy to maintain and operate. It only takes 5 minutes to install.

Earlier we wrote about how to recognize an Iranian military drone in the sky. According to Ukrainian experts, the Shahed-136 kamikaze UAV makes a certain sound, resembling the sound of a running chainsaw or moped engine.

Source: Riafan

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