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Will the Russian Federation decide on a nuclear attack on Ukraine – the prediction of astrologers and tarologists

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In recent days, the public has been nervously discussing one of the most disturbing questions of this unjust war, whether Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Astrologers predict that the most dangerous dates for this may be the last week of October – the first week of November.

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Astrologer Elena Kravchenko predicts that such a blow will not happen. According to him, mobilization for Mercury retrograde has been declared in Russia, which means that the document will be further regulated and tightened. However, the worst consequences of this decision will be reflected primarily on Russia. The astrologer believes that Russia messed up the situation around a nuclear attack on Ukraine to panic the Ukrainians. And also – to force the top leadership of Ukraine to surrender on favorable terms for the Russian Federation. According to the astrologer, this is how the Universe teaches us and allows us to learn how to get out of stressful and critical situations.

Tarologist Yana Pasinkova also believes that as long as Russia exists, there is a threat of nuclear attack.

According to him, the three countries will threaten nuclear attack. In the next two months, the situation will become clear, we will be able to understand whether the world can escape from the Third World War.

But the famous astrologer and tarot reader Angela Pearl believes that Ukraine will avoid a nuclear attack. And the escalation of the armed conflict will gradually subside, Ukraine will win the war and remain an independent prosperous state.


Vladimir Putin risks using nuclear weapons, but it doesn’t mean 100%. The most dangerous dates for this can be the last week of October – the first week of November. This was said by the astrologer Olga Medvetskaya. However, whatever the prerequisites due to the position of the planets, man himself takes the decisive step.

From the second half of October, aspects that will cause an escalation of military events will be in motion, because Mars, the planet of aggression, war and weapons, will be in a negative position in relation to Jupiter. Secondly, it has the ability to escalate, expand and amplify any armed conflict in this case.

Medvetskaya also adds that Mars will have a negative aspect to Neptune, which may mean the use of chemical and biological weapons as well as banned weapons.

We will feel it in the arena of military events, because this should be the final turning point in the dictator’s war against democratic Ukraine. However, the dictator himself will also feel the confrontation of these planets – his people will be inclined to revolt, so mass revolts against the authorities in the Russian Federation are possible.


Source: Riafan

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