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“Crocodile”. Lunar calendar for October 18, 2022

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A good day to finish and a bad day to start.

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23 lunar day. The symbol of the day is the Crocodile. This is a difficult emotional day, anger and aggression are manifested in people, frequent outbursts of anger are possible. A good day to finish and a bad day to start. It is better to avoid any risks, not to sign contracts and important documents – the risk of losing everything is too great.

On this day, you should not succumb to provocations, follow temptations and whims. It is important to demonstrate qualities such as purposefulness, fearlessness and self-confidence. There should be no doubt about the correctness of their actions.

It is advisable to avoid the crowd: today there are more mundane crimes, conflicts and primitive hooliganism.

This is the day of cleaning the house, bringing the sacred objects into the house. The room can be cleaned with fire or holy water or incense with juniper. It’s great to put black flint on the threshold.

Today it is better not to overeat, refuse to drink alcohol and strong coffee. Only they will stimulate the animal instincts, which are already very active on this day.

A haircut will give your face a good color, improve your health.

Sex these days is extremely undesirable. It can cause pain and weakness.

Moon in Cancer

In the days of Cancer, people are very sensitive and easily vulnerable. We dive into ourselves, we dive into our inner world. Our experiences become more important than events in the outside world. Mood is changeable, character is unstable. Loses stability in behavior. In Cancer days, we are easily influenced by inner unconscious impulses and therefore we sometimes take inappropriate actions. For example, we take risks or make unfair sacrifices without hesitation.



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