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“Guaranteed to hit targets”: expert on Phoenix Ghost aircraft transferred by the United States to Ukraine

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Phoenix Ghost is similar to Switchblade, but can fly longer. There are three versions of the aircraft: reconnaissance, fragmentation and cumulative.

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Ukrainian troops will soon receive the mysterious Phoenix Ghost aircraft from Western partners. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about its features in an interview with Radio NV.

He explained that Phoenix Ghost is actually a new generation of American Switchblade kamikaze drones used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to destroy Russian equipment. The new drone is offered in three modifications: fragmentation, cumulative and reconnaissance.

According to Oleg Zhdanov, Phoenix Ghost can be launched at a distance of up to 40 kilometers, its operating time reaches 6 hours. At the same time, UAVs are distinguished by high accuracy of hits.

“It would be great if they come to us. 1,100 drones if I’m not mistaken. It is guaranteed that 1,100 enemy targets can be hit,” said Oleg Zhdanov.

On November 4, the United States announced a new $400 million military aid package to Ukraine. Among the equipment the Pentagon will hand over to Ukraine will be 1,100 Phoenix Ghost operational-tactical drones. The US representative noted that many of these drones have already been delivered to Ukraine.

They wrote earlier that Aevex Aerospace developed the Phoenix Ghost specifically for the needs of the Ukrainian military. It can take off and land vertically and search for targets or gather intelligence information that will be destroyed in flight, exploding with them. The UAV is equipped with an optical system for searching and aiming at objects, and infrared sensors allow you to fly even at night. The operator can manually control the drone via radio communication or direct it to the specified coordinates. According to some sources, Phoenix Ghost is the most effective at destroying medium armored vehicles.

It was also reported that the USA has decided to hand over 10 Switchblade 600 UAVs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and that these UAVs can hit Russian targets in the occupied Kherson region and Crimea, which do not have access to air defense systems.

Source: Riafan

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