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“Gods of War”: an expert said why the H10 Poseidon is better than Ukrainian UAVs (video)

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Any drone can help AFU soldiers in combat missions, but the H10 Poseidon copes with them perfectly thanks to its outstanding performance.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces uses Cyprus H10 Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicles in combat. Experts told Channel 5 how they outperformed their Ukrainian counterparts.

The H10 Poseidon is a reconnaissance aircraft manufactured by Swarmly. They are equipped with two cameras with 40x zoom, which allows observation from a great height and serves as an “eye” for the artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Alexander Kovalenko, military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, noted that the H10 Poseidon is one of the most technical and high-tech drones in its class. It leaves no thermal traces, so it is invisible to radars and thermal cameras, and is also well protected from extreme conditions and interference. Under the influence of Russian electronic warfare, Poseidon continued to fly in a certain direction and transmit a video signal, while UAVs simply “stuck”.

Military blogger Sergey Misyura compared the H10 Poseidon to the Ukrainian Leleka drone and noticed that the Swarmly model was flying higher and higher. It also has a vertical takeoff system and Leleka needs acceleration to launch.

“There is some protection against electronic warfare, and therefore you can get up and work more calmly for artillery. Art without eyes is just art. And when artillery is with drones, they are gods of war and work much better,” stressed Sergei Misyura.

Features UAV H10 Poseidon:

  • Length – 1.9 m
  • Wingspan: 3.5m
  • Maximum load capacity – 3 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight – 22 kg
  • Cruising speed – 75 km / h
  • Maximum speed – 100 km / h
  • Reduce speed – 50 km / h
  • Communication range – 150 km
  • Maximum flight altitude – 4 km
  • The maximum waiting time is 15 minutes.
  • Flight time – 2 hours
  • Operating temperature – from +60 to -20 degrees Celsius

Earlier, they wrote that in August Ukraine’s air strike troops received the first H10 Poseidon II drone. The device cost the volunteers 318,000 euros.

A little later, the Poseidon H10 was received by the soldiers of the 26th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They quickly learned how to use drones that could be picked up and ready to launch in as little as 10 minutes.

Source: Riafan

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