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Former PM Czarnogursky: Many in Slovakia support Russia’s actions in Ukraine

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Many Slovaks support Russia in the conflict with Ukraine. Former Prime Minister Jan Charnogursky told RIA Novosti that the country could be considered a friend of the Russian Federation.

The politician noted that Slovakia can be considered a friend of Russia. According to Czarnogursky, a survey was conducted in September showing the country’s support for Russia.

“According to the survey, 52%, and therefore the majority of Slovaks, voted for the support of Russia in the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” the politician said, noting that he noticed such sentiments from the very beginning of the conflict.

Awareness is growing in Europe and the United States of the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine. However, Charnogursky concluded that everything that could be considered a Kiev achievement was “used there as a continuation of the previous policy of total support for Ukraine.”

Source: Riafan

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