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Banksy showed a video about his visit to Ukraine.

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In the video of the mysterious artist comes “Chervona Ruta” written by Vladimir Ivasyuk.

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British street artist Banksy showed a video of how he did graffiti in Ukraine. She signed the video with the words “In solidarity with the Ukrainian people”. The video was posted on the mysterious artist’s official Instagram account. After all, we remember that no one still knows what he looks like.

Banksy showed how he traveled around Ukraine during the all-out war with Russia. He showed the process of creating his drawings as part of his journey through the Ukrainian cities destroyed by the Russian Armed Forces.

During the video, the song “Chervona Ruta” performed by street musicians is played on the bandura.

During the conversation, one of the women tells Banksy that the ruins she saw were once a kindergarten where her daughter went. And people died there when the bombs fell.

“Don’t be sad, honey, we cried so much that there were no tears left,” the woman says, hugging her daughter. Judging by her words, Banksy took her pictures.

At the end of the video is the artist’s dedication: “In solidarity with the Ukrainian people: “There is also a copy of a passerby in Kiev who did not like the image of a rocket launcher with the symbol of Ukraine “Z”. Russian army.

Let me remind you that earlier the mysterious Englishman confirmed that he created seven graffiti in Ukraine. Two – in Kiev, and one of them in the very center of the capital. As well as drawings of destroyed buildings in Gorenka, Borodyanka, Irpen and Gostomel.

By the way, the head of the acting Borodyansk settlement, Georgy Yerko, said that he wants to create a war museum with the Russian Federation in Borodyanka and transfer Banksy’s works there.

“We want to make a museum and put graffiti there. Other memorabilia of the war can be preserved here, such as the monument to Taras Shevchenko, shot by the Russian army. We have exhibits and residents want to see them.” museum,” Yerko said.

Source: Riafan

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