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Internet and mobile communications in Ukraine will not disappear, but they will work worse: what to do

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Kyivstar President Oleksandr Komarov explained the reasons for the lack of communication and showed ways to solve them.

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Oleksandr Komarov, head of the Kyivstar telecom operator, said during an interview that Ukrainians may have problems with the Internet and mobile communications in the future, writes NV.

According to Komarov, it is unlikely that mobile communications will disappear completely, for this it would have to be completely deprived of its power. Despite the fact that Russia bombed power plants and substations in Ukraine, it is extremely difficult to disable the entire energy system, as it is very branched. But residents of large cities have already felt the negative consequences of power cuts, after which communication, including the Internet, was cut off. Komarov believes the base stations will work, but only because some, but not all, coverage will become spotty. He assured that the entire city would not lose its connection, but it is a fact that some users will not have access to it. For example, the percentage of working and non-working sites in Kiev was 30%. The same indicators exist in other cities and regions. Among the most vulnerable regions, he named the regions of Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov, Poltava.

Alexander Komarov recommends using national roaming if you need to make a call urgently and your operator’s network is unavailable. With the Internet, things are even worse. You can connect to Starlink, but their terminals also need power, and if they don’t, the satellite provider won’t save you. And yet there is such a backup option.

The head of Kyivstar announced that the company has purchased batteries and generators that will provide backup power for ground equipment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to place generators on the roofs of buildings where base stations are installed.

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Source: Riafan

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