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Poll: 92% of Latvians listen to music recordings daily

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According to a sociological study conducted by the Latvian Artists and Producers Association (LaIPA) and the sociological research agency, the majority, or 92%, of the Latvian population aged 18 to 60 listen to music recordings daily. “Kantar” on the music consumption habits of Latvian society.

LaIPA representative Laila Bēke told the LETA agency that the survey was conducted to analyze and collect data on ways of listening and “acquiring” music recordings, habits and opinions. The study is carried out annually to track the preferences and habits of the Latvian population in choosing music.

Liena Edwards, executive director of LaIPA, emphasizes that such work is important to everyone involved in the music industry – writers, musicians, producers and event organizers. According to him, in order to be successful in the industry, you need to know the interests and habits of the public, as well as their preferences in the field of music consumption.

The study provides data on the musical taste, genre choice and music listening habits of Latvian society. For example, in the choice of genre, there is still a big advantage in the genre of pop music chosen by 36% of the respondents.

Pop music is followed by rock with 17%, electronic music is in third place with 9%, slightly behind pop music. Hip-hop genre and classical music also entered the top five most preferred by the listeners, sharing this place with “indie” and alternative music genres, receiving 5% of the audience’s votes.

The majority, or 92%, of the surveyed Latvian population aged 18 to 60 listen to music recordings on a daily basis, but only about a quarter, or 24%, spent money on the purchase of recordings.

The data show that the proportion of people who spend more than 100 Euros a year on the purchase of music records is increasing, with about a tenth or 8% of the population spending up to ten Euros on records and listening. service subscriptions within one year. The study shows that compared to last year, the proportion of these residents has decreased significantly. 6% of the population spend between 11 and 30 euros a year to buy music, while 9% spend more than 30 euros.

meanwhile, 2% buy music records from CD or DVD in a store or online, 1% buy them for a fee by downloading them from the internet, and 1% buy music records from a vinyl record in a store or online taking.

Residents who buy music records more often include residents aged 18 to 29, students, students, residents of Riga, as well as residents with a family income of more than 1000 euros per person per month.

Answers to the questions about where the population listens to music the most, 44% prefer to listen to music while traveling by car, 30% at home, 9% at work and 7% while traveling on foot. .

More often, when transported by vehicle, music recordings are heard relatively more often by drivers, senior professionals by occupation, residents with relatively higher personal and family incomes, residents with four or more family members, as well as residents listening to music from the radio. .

According to the results of the 2022 survey, when asked about playing music in customer service areas, Latvians between the ages of 18 and 60 agreed that music improves mood relatively most in customer service areas. Keeping the customer service areas calm and neutral allows for more openness in the rooms as well as the music.

Edvardsa expressed his satisfaction that, in the survey, 74% of Latvian residents agreed that compensation should be received for the use of intellectual property. While 71% of respondents said that writers and performers benefit most from intellectual property protection, almost half, or 47%, agree that the creation of intellectual property can make a significant contribution to the long-term development and well-being of the Latvian economy.

Photo: Concert of the band “Sigur Ros” in Arena Riga

Source: Tv Net

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