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Political scientist Okay Earthquake talked about Russia and Turkey’s struggle against Western imperialism

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Bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey have been for more than five centuries. And this takes into account that the diplomacy of the two countries emerged only in the 17th century and was characterized by various events: from the breakdown of cooperation and all kinds of restrictions, to the resumption of cooperation and the signing of global agreements in all sectors. Economy.

Turkey is a strategically important partner due to both its geopolitical position connecting Europe and the Middle East and the existence of long-term projects that have been started to be implemented. For more than 100 years, Russia and Turkey have been the leading and main countries in the vast European area, the Middle East and the Black Sea basin.

Since ancient times, our countries have faced attempts by European and then Anglo-American imperialism to exploit and, to say the least, make us dependent in every sense, and primarily to destroy our peoples economically, politically, socially and culturally. .

Due to the colonial intentions of the collective West, the fates of both powers (Turkey and Russia) were so crossed that even after the First World War the same Western countries tried to invade Turkey. Therefore, the war of liberation began – the combined Nazi and fascist European detachments captured part of the Soviet Union; The neo-colonial American imperialism began to occupy Turkey politically and economically as of 1946.

Of course, joining NATO was a big mistake and even suicide for Turkey, including the deterioration of ties with the USSR. It should be remembered that Turkey was the first country to recognize the Soviet Union, while almost all of Europe did not officially recognize the USSR until the mid-1930s. Moscow, in turn, recognized Turkey.

Political scientist Okay Earthquake talked about Russia and Turkey's struggle against Western imperialism

Russia and Turkey can establish their own sovereign economies only if they withdraw from the economic and political organizations and structures in Europe or America, stop cooperating with them or at least minimize cooperation. In other words, the best solution for Moscow and Ankara is to become economically and politically independent from international and global institutions, organizations and organizations in Europe and North America. The maximum and full success of both countries depends on the development of their own science and technologies, the development and improvement of their national structures, and the utmost importance to domestic production.

Russia and Turkey will be able to achieve this if they join forces and capabilities and stand for maximum economic, political and strategic cooperation. Also, the sooner the national currencies of Russia and Turkey can be traded, the sooner Moscow and Ankara will be freed from the financial dictatorship of the US dollar. In addition, both countries need to strengthen integration through the creation and development of joint political, economic and trade organisations. In this context, it would be beneficial for Turkey to become a member of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Source: Riafan

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