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A day of silence, books and wellness solitude. Horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for November 19, 2022

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Today it is better to avoid noisy events, intellectual discussions, financial transactions. It’s the perfect time for solitude and reading.

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Today’s motto for Aries – go quieter and you’ll keep going. Take your time and don’t be alarmed, everything will be fine if you manage to maintain moderation and neutrality.


Try not to fall into moralism and criticize your loved ones today. This will distract you from conflicts and help you make the right decision. Do not exceed the speed limit while driving and be careful at pedestrian crossings.


Today is a good day to finish long put off work. New projects are best started on Monday. If you manage to quell your hunger for adventure, you’ll be able to avoid trouble.


Put aside all old complaints, or rather get rid of them forever. The day is a great day for solving household matters, family banquets, outdoor sports and relaxing treatments.

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It is unlikely that you will master new information today, so it is advisable to refuse self-education – it is better to just read a new one, or, conversely, an old, but well-known and loved novel.


It is important today to maintain clarity of thought and avoid excessive emotions. The best things will be simple things that require perseverance. In the evening, you can spend time on a hobby or reading a new interesting book.


It is better not to plan solutions to serious problems, even if they are only household-related today: firstly, you cannot expect success from them, and secondly, you definitely need a break today.


Avoid people you don’t like – their toxicity can seriously affect you today. Important matters, including the signing of documents, should be postponed to Monday.


Make time for home and family. Get rid of the garbage on the desktop, clarity will come with the order on the shelves. In the evening it is better not to participate in noisy events.


Pay attention to the thoughts that come to your mind today: it may seem like it is of no particular importance, but in fact it is not – there will be some really valuable ones among them.


Let you rest today. This will restore your vitality and help you feel better. After communicating with loved ones, a gloomy mood disappears.

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Avoid criticism in your address, it will not help you be more successful, it will only upset you. Do not borrow and do not lend – there will be problems with the return. Do not neglect fire safety rules



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