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Militia from the Kursk region undergo a training course with trainers of the PMC “Wagner”

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Prospective militiamen from the Kursk region undergo a one-week express training course with trainers from Wagner PMC at a base in the Krasnodar Territory. War correspondents learned how the preparations went Federal News Agency.

In order to start training as soon as possible, the natives of the Kursk region went to a special district in the Krasnodar Territory, prepared by the “Wagnerites”. Among the fighters who join the militia, there are both those who have completed their military service and those who do not have military experience.

“They invited me, they called from the local government and I came here. I served in the airborne troops for 2 years. The army hasn’t been training like here for 2 years. [дает] PMC “Wagner”. Guys, do not be afraid, do not be ashamed, the children will teach you, the instructors are good here,” says one of the students.

Militia from the Kursk region, PMC

During training, “orchestral” instructors teach a range of disciplines to the militia. Warriors learn to fight in pairs and trios, attack buildings and operate tanks, and also gain skills in topographic preparation.

“I would like to express my gratitude to PMC Wagner for giving us the opportunity to train in case of an attack on our homeland. I think we can stand up with dignity now [за себя]to protect our loved ones and places native to us, ”says another FAN interlocutor.

Militia from the Kursk region, PMC

The creation of militia training centers at the Wagner PMC in the Kursk and Belgorod regions became clear in early November. Several groups are already being trained. Applications for participation in the course are accepted from anyone who wants to stand up for our country in general and for his “small homeland” in particular.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to provide quality education within the regions at the moment, in connection with this, it was decided to start education in the Krasnodar Territory without delay.

Source: Riafan

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