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“Glory to Russia!” Famous Putin supporter and blogger Prokhorova expelled from Germany

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Photograph: NEXT/”Twitter”

“Who owns Herson?” Along with this text, popular Russian blogger Julia Prokhorova verbally attacked Ukrainian women on the “TikTok” website. This was not the first provocation directed against Ukraine by the blogger. Prokhorova was expelled from Germany for her actions.

The public’s loudest reaction was when two Ukrainian refugees escaping the war ran after them and said, “Russia will win! Glory to Russia! Who owns Kherson? The referendum has already begun!” He took the video of him shouting.

He also made a video with instructions on how to continue supporting Russia and not be penalized in Europe for it. It apparently failed, as her rental apartment in Munich was searched this fall – law enforcement confiscated her smart devices and laptop, and the search revealed that the woman was staying in Germany illegally. His activities on social networks ceased on 14 October; According to unofficial information, he has been in custody all this time.

According to “The Insider” media, he was deported from Germany over the weekend in police escort.

Source: Tv Net

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