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Media: The organizer of Putin’s election campaign may leave the Kremlin

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Kremlin Photograph: MAKSIM SHIPENKOV/EPA
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Independent Russian media “Meduza”, citing sources close to the Kremlin, reported that Alexander Kharichev, head of the Operational Assurance Department of the State Council, may leave the ruling bloc of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was Kharichev who organized the last Russian presidential election in 2018 and the vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020, which opened up the possibility that Putin will remain master of the Kremlin until 2036.

According to sources close to the Kremlin, the official is leaving his post “for health reasons”, which “must improve after several years of hard work”, but that’s not the only reason.

Kharichev and his subordinates were responsible for organizing the “referendums”, which were postponed several times due to the defeat of the Russian army on the Ukrainian front. Despite continued setbacks, Russia continued to hold “referendums” on occupied Ukrainian territory in September, but as early as November Russian military personnel were forced to withdraw from occupied Kherson and other Ukrainian territories.

Source: Tv Net

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