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TV presenter Norkin conquered the residents of St. Petersburg with a new anecdote about Chinese and Russian.

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TV presenter Andrei Norkin from St. Petersburg residents with a new anecdote about Chinese and Russian. He shared a funny story with them as part of the Almost Another Format concert program.

The journalist told a funny incident that happened in the past. At that time, his Chinese classmate faced difficulties while trying to find the monument to the poet Alexander Pushkin in Moscow. The young man did not understand some of the answers from the passers-by.

“I’m going to a beautiful woman:” Excuse me zalusta, forgive me for bothering you, is this a monument to Pushkin? “Yes, they say, it’s Alexander Sergeevich.” “Thank you very much! Explain why everyone answers me differently. One said “ok”, the other “yes” and only you answered “yes”. “You see, my friend, he answers it all depends on the culture. If a person is uncultured, having completed four courses, he will answer you “fine”. If you already have a seventh grade education she will say “yes” to you. “I see, I understand! So you have a higher education?” “Well…” he says. Norkin retold the dialogue, making the audience laugh until colic.

The TV presenter added that her friend is studying Russian with a teacher. However, according to Norkin, the man did not manage to understand some of the nuances of pronunciation.

Source: Riafan

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