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Iran seeks 10-game suspension for US national team

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Photograph: AFP/SCAN

According to the news of the British newspaper The Guardian, the Iranian Football Federation demanded a 10-game suspension from the US national football team for insulting the honor of the country.

Iran has expressed dissatisfaction with the US team’s press service posting an image of the Iranian flag, which is not a symbol of the Islamic Republic, on its social media accounts.

The complaint to the USA was sent to the FIFA Ethics Committee.

Representatives of the US team removed the scandalous photo and replaced it with the current Iranian flag. The US national team’s press office later declared on social media that the decision to remove the official Iranian flag was “to support women fighting for basic human rights in Iran.”

There has been tension between the US and Iran for a long time.

Losing 2-6 against England in the World Cup, Iran defeated Wales 2-0 in the second match. On the other hand, the USA entered the football tournament with a score of 1-1 against Wales, but struggled with England 0-0 in the next match.

He is expected to face the USA and Iran in the third match of the World Cup group tournament on Tuesday.

Iran has been rocked by protests since mid-September, fueled by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the “virtue police” for wearing the wrong hijab.

Source: Tv Net

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