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Three things that need to be changed more often in the kitchen

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kitchen boards

If the wood is wood, the blade cuts will always remain on it. And with continued use, bacteria can get into those cuts and start growing and multiplying there.

Although the sheets need to be washed after each use, even washing them thoroughly does not guarantee that the surface will be well cleaned, as these small cuts are very difficult to access.

Another important rule of thumb is that each food group has its own cutting board. Don’t cut raw meat, fish, fruit and vegetables on the same board, even if you think you’ve washed them thoroughly. The risk of contracting various infections increases.


It is traditionally believed that the kitchen sponge should be changed once a week. As a matter of fact, because it is constantly wet, various bacteria and fungi begin to multiply in it.

After doing research, scientists even realized that a dirty kitchen sponge could contain more germs than the rim of a toilet bowl. Therefore, it is definitely not worth ignoring the recommendation to replace the sponge on a regular basis. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive, so more frequent replacement does not affect the budget.


There are several ways to extend the life of kitchen towels, for example, by washing them with special products. But they also wear out quickly because they are constantly in contact with fabric-damaging substances – oils, acids, various chemicals and the like. Over time, kitchen towels lose their properties and begin to absorb water poorly, or threads and fibers begin to separate from them, which should definitely not be next to food. Therefore, they need to be changed quite often.

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