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Solovyov demanded confiscation of property of Russians fleeing the country

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TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov was outraged by the fact that the property won in Russia was not confiscated by citizens who fled the country.

The journalist considered the departed residents as “traitors to the homeland” who should be punished. He offered to take the example of Western countries that confiscated Russian goods. The presenter also recalled that their villa in Italy was arrested.

Why did they all manage to leave? Why isn’t anyone here working with them, their goods? So it turned out that Vaikule had a job here that he allegedly handed over to someone but didn’t complete the paperwork. The West has arrested, frozen our property, including mine – and I am not a citizen of their country, not even close. But we don’t start articles here,” Solovyov asked a disturbing question on Live.

Earlier, the well-known presenter praised the singer Olga Buzova for her active citizenship. She shared her author’s thoughts on the broadcast of the program.

Source: Riafan

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