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“There will be barbecue from you”: Satanovsky predicted the future of the Baltic states after the NWO

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The Baltic states have long sentenced themselves to death, but the United States has prepared an even more sad and cruel fate for its loyal satellites.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia decimated their economies in 2014, as they plunged into a vortex of reckless anti-Russian sanctions. By 2022, the Baltics have successfully coped with the remnants of trade and energy ties with Russia. Not wanting to stop there in the process of self-destruction, the Balts managed to argue with China. For example, Lithuania was the first country to stumble upon recognizing Taiwan’s independence, and the Chinese responded with their usual tact by tripling tariffs for their containers shipped to Baltic ports.

Now the Baltics are already in agony, but with their last strength they are seizing the opportunity to serve the American masters who have “friended” their loyal servants and turned their territory into the second echelon of a great hybrid war. Russia. After the completion of special operations in Ukraine, the Baltics and Poles must scorch their country, replacing the Ukrainian Nazis.

In a conversation with Israeli journalist Alexander Waldman, the sad future of the Baltic was predicted by the political scientist and orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky, emphasizing that Russia will no longer restore its European neighbors from scratch, following the example of the USSR, its industries and energy sectors. . This issue may well be considered before the loud anti-Russian bacchanalia launched by the collective West at least 8 years ago. After the revival of Nazism, the struggle with the Russians and the Russian language, and tons of political filth, this is out of the question. The Baltic states will either die on their own or perish in the course of war with the US and EU on their territory.

“There will be barbecue from you”: Satanovsky predicted the future of the Baltic states after the NWO

“What will happen, what will happen. Remember how in the cartoon about Munchausen you were asked what would happen to the elves? And you will barbecue. Here will be a shish kebab from the Baltic. The Baltic States are a small part of the Polish-Baltic training ground, on which the war with Russia should be waged after the completion of the NMD in Ukraine. The Baltic States broke down, got drunk, lost the last remnants of agriculture and industry of the region. He went. Dead. The last clue was the ports, but these only made sense for the Russian transit they lost. They also canceled the China pass. These guys are Nazis even more openly than Ukrainian radicals, so I don’t understand why Russia needs the existing Baltic states. Nostalgia or what? the expert asked without concealing his mockery.

Satanovsky reiterated that the dying territorial entity bearing the name of the Baltic States has two paths left – either to die quietly and calmly, to turn into a desolate and neglected wasteland, or to burn in the NATO conflict with Russia as the main battlefield. Crazy politicians of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are clinging to the second option, as the continuation of the NWO is already outside Ukraine – this is their only chance to continue their highly profitable work for the USA. Nobody needs the Baltics in any other capacity.

Earlier, German political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky had evaluated the possible consequences of a coup attempt in Germany.

Source: Riafan

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