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Horoscope for Monday, December 26

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Horoscope for Monday, December 26.


A social day where you have to communicate with your friends, find out how everyone is during the holidays. Easy conversations about nothing, but sometimes they are necessary.


Relax – read good literature, watch a classic Christmas movie, go for a walk. In the evening, the mind will be restless and thoughts will rush into tomorrow’s work.


Can the twins ever rest in peace? You will invite your friends to winter adventures. Many places have interesting outdoor activities, markets, the hustle and bustle, and the seductive scents of cinnamon and cloves.


Thinking day. You’ll want to daydream a little about “what if…”. Such moments are also necessary. You will evaluate the people you are with or will be with. Useful insights.


A wonderful day with your loved ones. Take a trip to the forest or the ski slope. Everyone’s cheeks are rosy, the kids and I are happy. Flirting is possible if you are free.


The heart will warm with positive emotions and will want to embrace and caress the whole world. Generosity Day. Do good deeds, sing to those who are in trouble, make the people you love happy.


The spirit flies half a step above the ground to the rhythm of a snowflake waltz. Do not hide your feelings, do not share your love, do not meet and talk to people close to you. Interesting adventures for free hearts.


home day. After the feast, this and that should be cleaned and cleaned. Maybe you have a few more flavors stuck in the fridge and you need to set the family’s post-holiday table. Slow activity will be very pleasant.


There is no peace… And how can a fiery Sagittarius sit at home in front of the TV when adventures beckon?! Someone will go skiing, someone will go for a walk in snowshoes, someone will go for a ride in a horse carriage. Lots of positive emotions.


You will gradually start to get fat for the new work week. You will look at the planner and write down what needs to be done. Capricorn cannot do otherwise! Review the evening business news, something useful might catch your attention.


Positive and uplifting mood. You can go on a trip, attend a cultural event, arrange a romantic date. Except for the New Year, just be wary of money.


No heroic deeds are planned today because the energy is probably spent celebrating the holiday. Sleep, relax, communicate with your friends. You can go for a longer walk in the evening.

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