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Jelgava council members increased their salaries by 82 percent

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Jelgava city council building. Photograph: Paula Churkste/LETA

According to the municipality, the monthly salaries of the members of the Jelgava city council will be increased by 82% and the salary of the chairman of the council will be increased by 43% from next year.

This year, on July 1, the law on the remuneration of civil servants and employees of state and local government agencies came into force, which states that monthly salaries in local governments must reach the minimum monthly salary limit set by local governments within five years. live.

The municipality explains that the remuneration of the chairman, deputies and members of the Jelgava City Council is set at 75% of the maximum monthly salary for next year.

From next year, the salaries of the members of the Jelgava city council will be increased: the monthly salary of the chairman is 4436 euros, the monthly salary of the deputy speaker – 3413 euros. The maximum monthly salary for the chairman of the city council committee is 1,638 euros, for the deputy chairman of the council committee – 1,502 euros and for the councilor – 1,365 euros.

The monthly salaries of Jelgava City Municipality employees do not change until the next year’s budget is approved. If the deputies support the budget of the city of Jelgava for 2023, there will be no employees in the relevant profession category in the municipality next year, whose salary will be less than 90% of the minimum monthly salary determined by law, the municipality says.

In addition to the monthly salary, there is also compensation for communication costs, from 15 euros a month for a grassroots deputy to 50 euros a month for the chairman of the council. If the member is unable to use public transport or a municipal vehicle to perform his duties and uses a vehicle owned or controlled by him, the deputies are compensated for vehicle wear and vehicle operating expenses up to 45 Euros per month.

11 councilors voted for this resolution: Andris Rāviņš (ZZS), Rita Vectirāne (ZZS), Vilis Levčenoks (ZZS), Mintauts Bushkevics (ZZS), Inese Bandeniece (ZZS), Ilze Priževoite (ZZS), Jurijs Strods (NA/ VL) /TB/LNNK), Roberts Šlegelmilhs (NA/VL/TB/LNNK), Uldis Dūmiņš (“For!” Movement), Mārtiņš Daġis (“For!” Movement), Andrejs Eichvalds (Harmony). Two MPs voted against the salary increase – Andrejs Pagors (LKS) and Aigars Rublis (JV), Gunārs Kurlovičs (LRA) and Andris Tomašūns (JV) abstained.

The last decision was taken in December 2019 to change the salaries of MPs.

According to the information on the website of the city of Jelgava, the city’s revenue in 2022 was 75.8 million euros. The subsidy from the municipal offset fund for Jelgava in 2022 was 5.7 million euros. The law on remuneration of civil servants and employees of state and local government agencies provides that the amount of wages in the municipality is determined according to the population of the municipality, which in 2021 is 54,694 in the city of Jelgava.

Source: Tv Net

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