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Ilze Indrikson. About changes, challenges and unfinished business

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Prices and sufficiency of energy resources have been one of the most pressing issues of this year and so far the Ministry of Economy (ME) has been in charge. However, starting next year, the energy department will be moved from the Ministry of Energy to the newly created Ministry of Climate and Energy, and energy efficiency issues will be left to the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy. Economy Minister Ilze Indriksone talks about what will change in the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the establishment of the new ministry, what challenges can be expected in connection with the promotion of energy efficiency, how companies managed to reorient themselves from the Russian market. and of course whether we will have enough gas this winter in an interview with the online magazine KLIK.

In technical matters, as of January 1, 2020, inspection and control in the field of energy is carried out by the Construction State Control Bureau (BVKB) affiliated to the Ministry of Finance. Will it stay that way or will the office or some of its functions fall under the new ministry’s control?

Then, when the initial negotiations on the establishment of the new ministry were made, even before the new government was formed, we agreed that BVKB should fulfill both tasks in both the construction and energy fields. They also do jobs such as construction supervision of important government facilities on behalf of other ministries from time to time. Therefore, we believe we can continue in the same way – the new ministry can give them a task to fulfill. No problem.

Of course, discussions were held with the new minister, Mr. Choudhar, about this position. His vision at the first moment was perhaps different, the part responsible for the energy had to somehow be separated from the BVKB. Then we agreed to start working. [neko nemainot] and see how it goes and then see if anything needs to be changed. I think BVKB has proven to work very well, especially in the field of auditing. It has also done well in monitoring, implementing and accounting for the mandatory purchase component. Currently, support-related tasks are also delegated. In our opinion, the calculation and payment of the support is carried out very quickly in the area of ​​​​central heating.

Well-run institutions should not be restructured, they should be allowed to continue their work! You can give the tasks from different directions, they will cope very well.

Given how current energy issues are at the moment, but how and where the new ministry will work is not yet fully understood, wouldn’t the creation of the new ministry now cause more problems? without relaxation?

I would prefer not to accept this as we have agreed to work closely together in the coming months. Employees of the energy block will continue to work in the EM building until the relocation takes place – most likely, this will happen at the same time as the approval of the new budget.

Source: Tv Net

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