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One of the most mysterious and scary things. What happened to Jamisons?

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Photograph: Screenshot from Shutterstock, YouTube video

On October 8, 2009, 44-year-old Bobby Jemison, 40-year-old wife Sherilyn, 6-year-old daughter Madison, and dog Macy got into their pickup truck and headed for Oklahoma’s San Bois Mountains. They have not been seen alive since… Four years later, their remains were found in November 2013. There are different versions of what happened – they got lost in the woods, murder-suicide, a failed drug dealer deal, and even the bloody business of a Satanic cult. What really happened there?

Footage from the family home’s security system from the day they broke up shows the couple driving from home to the car several times to load and unload their belongings. The way they act has been described by experts as “walking in a trance” or being under the influence of strong drugs or drugs. Bobby and Sherilyn made their way from their home to the car about 20 times in a zombie-like trance. Sometimes they wouldn’t even bring anything, but sometimes they would just stand there with blank expressions on their faces.

Source: Tv Net

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