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According to the VUGD, 12 calls were received regarding the burning of pyrotechnic products.

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According to the information of VUGD representatives, on Saturday, December 31st, the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) received 10 calls regarding the burning of pyrotechnic products in Riga and one more in Liepāja and Ķekava region.

Shortly after nine o’clock in the evening, the VUGD began receiving calls that pyrotechnic boxes were burning near or inside a garbage container as well as on the street.

Such calls were received 10 times in Riga and once more in the Liepāja and Ķekava region. At the 4th diagonal line of Jaunciema in Riga, the pyrotechnic product flew into the wall of a two-story residence, and as a result, the thermal insulation material began to smolder in an area of ​​​​0.5 square meters.

Around midnight, several more calls were received, with garbage containers burning on the street, near public buildings or apartments. A garbage dump and a 10 square meter container in the Mārupe area caught fire, while a neighboring car was damaged by the heat.

Source: Tv Net

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