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VUGD rescued two people from the “Moskvich” car, which crashed into a concrete pillar

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Firefighters and rescuers. Descriptive image. Photograph: Paula Churkste/LETA

State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) rescuers rescued two people trapped in a car that crashed into a concrete pole.

Twenty minutes before midnight, the rescuers went to Mīlgrāvja Street in Riga, where a traffic accident occurred when a car crashed into a concrete pillar.

While the firefighters stabilized the car, they rescued the two people trapped in the vehicle with the help of hydraulic tools. 4 more people got out of the vehicle by their own means.

State Police representatives said the State Police received a phone call from Mīlgrāvja Street in Riga at 23:46.

The driver and his companions, who were seriously injured in the accident, were taken to the medical teams. A total of 6 people were injured in the accident.

A total of four EMS teams and a team of medical specialists served at the accident site.

In the last 24 hours between 06:30 on 31 December and 06:30 on 1 January, VUGD received 69 calls – 40 firefighting, 18 rescue work and 11 calls were incorrect.

Source: Tv Net

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