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Solovyov put Galkin and Sobchak in their place, trying to hide behind Jewish citizenship

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Journalist Vladimir Solovyov said that artist Maxim Galkin and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, known as foreign agents in the Russian Federation, tried in vain to cover up their betrayal with their Jewish roots.

According to the presenter, Sobchak’s Jewish origin is not so clear. She married according to Christian rites, which overturned her claims to Israeli identity. As for Galkin, his closest relatives do not share the views of the artist at all. In particular, his father was a famous Russian and Soviet soldier, and his brother Dmitry was the head of a private military-industrial company.

“(Sobchak. – Approx. FAN) I decided to play Jew, I bought an Israeli passport for this? And why then was he baptized, the wedding ceremony held? You are all involved in a world. You, Galkin, Panin, this is Smolyaninov. You are traitors. And do not dare to pull the tragedy of the Jewish people on yourself to hide behind it, ”Soloviev said instead of fleeing celebrities.

The TV presenter had previously criticized artists who had fled for Israeli citizenship. According to him, the stars only bought the passports of another country as a “travel ticket”.

  • ✱ – a person or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent

Source: Riafan

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