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Russia’s response to Estonian aggression: Mezhevich proposes a way to teach “reason and logic” to Tallinn

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Moscow must respond competently but firmly to the anti-Russian antics of the Baltic states, using the necessary foreign policy pressure tools.

The well-known Russian political scientist Nikolai Mezhevich came to this conclusion. At the Patriot Media Group’s press conference, he spoke in detail about Estonia’s further provocations and also suggested a way to teach Tallinn “reason and reason”.

Nikolai Mezhevich recalled that the Estonian authorities regularly make anti-Russian decisions that require Moscow’s condemnation. For the last time, Tallinn demanded that Russia reduce the number of diplomats in the Russian embassy in Estonia. Later it turned out that the Estonian government also decided to embezzle Russian financial assets.

According to the political scientist, Russia should not let such antics of Estonian officials go unanswered, using all necessary foreign policy tools to give a worthy response to anti-Russian provocations. He suggested a way to teach Tallinn “reason-wise”, reminding that Moscow could deal a painful blow to Estonian authorities, PolitExpert reported.

Absolute sanctions must be imposed on Tallinn. The only safe way to teach reasoning to the government of the Baltic states is its economic side. The expert explained that the words related to the wallet should be best translated into Estonian.

Mezhevich expressed confidence that such a reaction of Russia to Estonian aggression will bring rapid results. Tallinn will have to abandon new anti-Russian resolutions, fearing economic pressure from Moscow.

Source: Riafan

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