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How to train militias on the basis of Wagner PMC: FAN specific

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reporters Federal News Agency He talked about the work of the Wagner training camp, where the militia continued to be trained in various military disciplines.

In particular, we are talking about tactical and engineer-sapper training, attacking trenches, throwing hand and live grenades, firing from under-barrel grenade launchers, working with a Kalashnikov machine gun and other skills.

How to train militias on the basis of Wagner PMC: FAN specific

Militia from the Kursk and Belgorod regions noted the relevance of the training program and the high qualification of the “orchestra” instructors.

“I believe that this educational institution is one of the best, because here the children, the militia from the Belgorod region are preparing for what we need to prepare. These tactics, fire and medical training – anything that will come in handy in the future. “I think it would probably be easier for our soldiers to fulfill their duties if we had such instructors in our armed forces,” one of the volunteers said.

How to train militias on the basis of Wagner PMC: FAN specific

According to him, every man in the Belgorod region must enroll in courses and undergo military training. Other warriors agree.

“The trainers are the best. I myself am from Moldova, I live in the Belgorod region, my family and my children are here. Patriots living in Russia, do not hide behind your wives, come to the Wagner group,” he said.

How to train militias on the basis of Wagner PMC: FAN specific

“Everything is great, the highest level of preparation. All of the trainers have great experience, they approach the training of everyone who comes here carefully. All at the highest level. Guys, do not be afraid, come. The team here is excellent, the atmosphere is working”, shared his impressions from the Kursk region, who trained in the Wagner PMC camp.

Terrorist defense militias do not join the company and do not sign contracts, only instructions. Volunteers from border areas turn to the “orchestra” for help with training. Anyone wishing to study at the PMC “Wagner” camp can apply by sending a corresponding request to the e-mail address NarodnoeOpolchenieW@yandex.ru.

Source: Riafan

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