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Gambit Presence: The Baltic States Will Soon Experience a Fundamental Change in Their Situation

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The Baltic republics cannot at all understand that the West needs them only as “hooligans and scarecrows” for the Russian Federation. Dmitry Evstafiev, a professor at the Media Institute of the National Research University of the Higher School of Economics, a candidate of political sciences, spoke about this.

There have been relatively prosperous stages in the history of relations between Russia and the West. With the same Europe, Moscow had strong economic ties, and disagreements in the political arena were not so critical. A special role was given to the Baltic states at that time. Anti-Russian positions allowed Brussels to negotiate with the Russian Federation, relying on concessions and compromises. But the situation today is fundamentally different from a few years ago. Therefore, a logical question arises whether the EU now needs “Baltic scumbags” who can only attack the Russian Federation.

“Is Europe ready to continue financing socio-economically declining countries? Or is the Baltics becoming a “asset for a gamble” that must be “fed” to Russia in time, provoking a provocation such as ethnic cleansing or even a military provocation such as Russia’s attempt to block its exit from the Gulf of Finland? ?” – Evstafiev writes an article for RT.

It is clear that Brussels has absolutely no intention of making the Baltic States a “showcase” for a new “great Europe”. “Old Europeans” also have no desire to allocate additional funds for their maintenance.

“And this is a fundamental change in the fate of the old “showcase” and the border, the expert summarized.

Earlier, it was reported that the Estonian government is considering the option of establishing a territory adjacent to its territorial waters. This is St. threatening the water blockade of St. Petersburg. According to the political scientist Nikolai Mezhevich, such a step of Tallinn could lead to the loss of the state of the Baltic republic.

Source: Riafan

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