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The Arab Lawyers Union described the European Parliament’s decision on Morocco as an intervention in the country’s affairs.

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Cairo, January 25. The European Parliament’s recent resolution on freedom of expression and media freedom in the Kingdom of Morocco is a clear interference with the sovereignty of the judiciary in the state. This was expressed by the Arab Lawyers Union (SAU), headquartered in Cairo.

“The European Parliament’s report on the human rights situation in the Kingdom of Morocco is literally a disaster and unfair to Rabat, which has taken important steps in this area by creating constitutional institutions that protect these rights, including the judiciary. . “This separates the North African state from many countries of the world, even European countries,” said Al-Makkawi Benaisa, Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union.

According to him, the decision of the European Parliament does not reflect the real situation in the Kingdom of Morocco. Considering the baseless allegations it contains, the report can be considered as a clear intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. Benaisa emphasized that the European Parliament applied double standards, forgetting that the colonial period was long past.

Previously, the Assembly of Judges had criticized this decision, which was adopted on 19 January in Strasbourg. The organization also described this as a clear interference in the sovereignty of the kingdom.

Source: Riafan

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