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Horoscope for all signs, predictions for february 18

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Are you curious if your zodiac sign is one of the happiest of this day? Find out with Sky’s daily horoscope

Start the day by discovering what the stars have in store for you: here is today’s February 18 horoscope sign by sign.


Mercury makes your life more tender, both in the family and at work, if you are born in the first decade, despite an opposing Pluto. Sun makes you very sweetly in love today if you were born in the third decade. Instead, if you were born between April 15 and April 20, you can perform work tasks that have been around for a while.


Venus, Uranus and Mars are all favorable if born between April 21 and 29, but also between May 10 and 14. Venus allows you to experience a happy expansion of the couple relationship, while at work you will have lively and cheerful relationships with your colleagues.


Mercury makes you want to change everything when you belong to the third decade. Positive Saturn gives you the need to build a solid foundation for your relationship if you were born in the third decade. You will derive many economic benefits from your work today.


Various spiritual and political interests are emerging these days. If you’ve just started a love story, keep an eye on Pluto, negative for those born in the third decade. Discreet satisfaction in the office.


Despite an uphill start today comes the downhill, with your fresh sense of humor to help. Those born between August 14 and 22 will spark erotically, while at work you really put in the effort.


Venus and Neptune, as well as the Sun, transform you in every aspect today, as does Pluto for those born in the third decade. Your other half asks for more attention: don’t beg, especially if you were born between September 1 and September 6. At work today you are stimulated by the results achieved.


Slight perturbations from Pluto on an overall positive day. Are you single? New characters will come to make you assess the situation for a new relationship. If born between October 2 and October 9, an important working relationship is born or strengthened.


Great planetarium parterre for you today. For example, if you are single, Venus and Neptune smile warmly at you. Those born between October 31 and November 5 get important collaborations at work.


Mercury and Saturn are urging you a lot today, as is Jupiter making you fall in love in a positive way if you were born between December 2 and December 10. As soon as one commitment is completed, another always arises: you learn it today at work.


Pluto gives you perseverance and the desire not to go unnoticed if you are born in January. Uranus, the Moon and Venus send you excellent love influences, as do Pluto and Neptune. Those born in December require you not to forget who brought you to work.


Mercury accompanies you today with fun and a sense of humor. Venus and Mars make you explosive in your passionate outbursts, with Jupiter also favoring you in the workplace.


Venus revives your spirit and physical strength if you were born between March 5 and March 7. Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury bring love back to the fore. Learn to be strategic at work, you won’t regret it.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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