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9 little things that say a lot about your personality

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Below we present you 9 “your everyday things”, that reveal more about your personality than you think.


The way you go

Body language experts say that the way we walk says a lot about our personality. If your weight is usually forward and your pace is fast, you are probably an extremely productive and very logical person. If you walk with chest forward, shoulders back and head up, you have cheerful, charismatic and sociable personality. On the other hand, if your gait is light and your eyes are on the floor, you are probably closed and soft character.

your handshake

Scientific studies have shown that your handshake can give people you know a very good idea of ​​your personality. Firm, firm handshakes show people with self-confident, emotionally expressive, sociable and positive. On the other hand, a weaker handshake can make people more shy and nervous.

How do you roll toilet paper

The debate about the “right way” has raged almost since its invention. But psychotherapists say that your specific preferences say a lot about how you feel about life. Related studies, in which men and women were asked whether they put toilet paper up or down, showed that those who preferred the top method were more dominant, while those who placed it underneath tended to be more submissive. In fact, some extremely bossy guys admitted in a survey that they even changed the direction of the paper in other toilets they visited.

The shoes you wear

If you already think you can tell a lot about someone from the shoes they wear, science is on your side. According to research, people who wear comfortable shoes tend to be relatively cuddly. Boots are usually worn by more aggressive personalities. Uncomfortable shoes indicate calmer people, while people with well-fitting shoes have a more anxious and dependent personality.

repetitive nerve movements

Do you bite your nails or pull out your body hair? Scientists call these habits compulsions. Related research shows that people who compulsively pull their hair or bite their nails are prone to perfectionism, and their actions it is the result of an attempt to calm their boredom, nervousness and dissatisfaction. This repetitive behavior turns out to be comforting.

Our relationship with time

More specifically, if you are constantly or almost always late for meetings. Relevant scientific research suggests that consistency is an accurate measure of positive character traits. During the study, the researchers asked participants to complete a personality assessment at home and come to the lab for a group experiment. By analyzing the participants’ arrival time, they found that people who arrived on time were more conscientious and polite. Those who arrived earlier were more nervous and those who arrived later were more relaxed.

How do you eat

“We are what we eat.” Ok, it’s known. However, scientists say that we are also how we eat. In fact, eating behavior can tell us a lot about our personality. Slow eaters are usually people who like to control everything and know how to appreciate life, but those who eat quickly are usually ambitious and impatient. If you are a gluttonous eater, you are a thrill-seeker and a risk-taker, and if you are a picky eater, you are likely to be anxious and nervous often. Finally, if you enjoy putting different foods on his plate, you tend to pay attention to the details in your daily life.

How do you write

Graphology is the analysis of handwriting and its connection with personality, it has been a science since the time of Aristotle. Experts can identify over 5,000 personality traits from the way each of us writes. People who write in large letters are people-oriented and seek attention, while people who write in small letters are introverted and tend to concentrate more easily.. A slight tilt to the right in your emails means you are friendly and impulsive, while a tilt to the left indicates a more reserved and selfish personality. Finally, if you press hard on the pen while writing, it means that you experience strong emotions and react quickly, while the opposite indicates flexibility and adaptability.

How do you keep your bag

It can be difficult for you to choose which bag to keep, but have you ever thought that the way you carry it says a lot more about your personality than you think? According to experts, if you hold a bag at the end of your palm, it means that you have high standards and attach great importance to social status.

If you wear a bag on your chest, it shows that you prioritize protection and accessibility. On the other hand, if you carry a bag across your back, you have a cool, calm, and collected personality. If you prefer a backpack, you are more independent and want to take care of both yourself and the people around you. Finally, if you’re used to holding a bag in your hand, you’re probably pretty assertive, organized, and productive.

Source: Lady Like

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