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Carnival 2023, in Putignano, after Covid, the parade of papier-mache floats returns

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After the two-year shutdown imposed by the pandemic, the city in the Bari region is celebrating the 629th edition of its carnival, the longest and one of the oldest in Europe

It is the longest carnival and one of the oldest in Europe. In Putignano, on Boxing Day, the “great feast” that has made this small town in the Bari region famous throughout Italy begins with the ritual of the Propaggini. And precisely on December 26 of a very distant 1394, its origin can be traced back, which would coincide with the transfer of the relics of the saint of Monopoli to the hinterland to be better protected, an event that was greeted with great celebrations by the farmers involved in the fields to graft (“propagation”) screws. Of course, it will be a long time before the Carnival of Putignano is transformed into the “modern” parade of allegorical floats created by the local “Paper Mache Masters”, which celebrates its 629th edition this year.

“A completely different fairytale”

“A completely different fairy tale” is the theme chosen for the big return, after the two-year stop imposed by Covid. As always, the seven floats in the competition interpret it with a nod to current events; and here then is that pollution and wars overwhelmingly “rise” among the giants of papier-mache, where also the female protagonists of Italian and international politics find their place. But this year, parading along the masked track embellished by the now highly celebrated Apulian lights, there is also the RadioCarro delle Fiabe Sbagliate, an eighth out-of-competition float that takes turns hosting the DJs of the main Italian radio stations.

Beyond Shrove Tuesday

However, since the return of the Carnival of Putignano aims above all to be a great celebration, as evidenced by the rich calendar of events that frame the traditional appointments, including, of course, the great Shrove Tuesday parade, which stands out this year, it will not be the last moment of the celebration. are. The Carnival Funeral and the Macaroni Bell, the two events that traditionally mark the end of the Carnival joy and the beginning of the Lent austerity period, will indeed have an attachment. In keeping with the Apulian folk tradition, the “orphans” of the carnival will indeed be comforted with “U Conz’l”, a closing party during which the masked floats will be set up along the traditional route.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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