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“Yes, let them come! We want to be part of Russia!” How is the Kremlin trying to undermine Moldova’s state?

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Tensions have also been escalating in Moldova, located on Ukraine’s southwestern border, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February last year. While the possibility of a Russian military attack on Moldova has been discussed several times in recent weeks, there are other possibilities as to how Russia could affect Moldova’s relations with both the West and Russia.

The worsening of the living conditions of the population, especially exacerbated by the energy crisis, is an important element of Moldova’s instability. Inflation reached 30 percent by the end of 2022. Although also related to the increase in electricity and gas tariffs, residents currently have to pay five and seven times more, respectively, for the electricity and gas they consume. These uprisings were perceived differently by the Moldovan people. This is about both political views and the information consumed by the Moldovan people.

Moldovans loyal to the government patiently accepted the country’s socioeconomic decline, but other segments of society did not accept geopolitical reasons as the explanation for their poverty. Residents are particularly skeptical of claims by the Moldovan ruling elite that Russia’s subversive activities are the main cause of the worsening socioeconomic situation. The optimistic forecasts by the Moldovan Central Bank that inflation will stabilize below 20 percent this year aren’t helping either.

Source: Tv Net

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