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‘Google Street View’ returns to Latvian roads

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This spring, “Google Street View” cars will again be found on Latvian roads. From 21 March they will be traveling through Latvia and visiting many cities and routes around the country in the coming months. From Riga to Krāslava and from Liepāja to Alūksne – this year smart cars will tour more than 20 Latvian cities. The goal, as always, is to update images of cities, roads and highways in the Google Maps app.

Thanks to “Google Street View”, users already have the opportunity to see most of Latvian cities, many cultural monuments and natural objects. Aware that infrastructure, both within and between cities, is constantly evolving and changing, “Google” regularly updates the available images to reflect the current situation as accurately as possible. The new images will help users better navigate different destinations, as well as view 360-degree panoramic views of streets and places of interest.

In addition to streets and roads, Google also captures various pedestrian areas and other places that cannot be reached by car. For example, everyone has the opportunity to take a virtual walk through the streets of Old Riga, see Ventas Rumba, the largest waterfall in Europe, or see the Ventspils pilot tower or the “White Lighthouse”, built in 1934.

Google does everything possible to protect citizens’ privacy and data privacy. The collected images will be processed with a special technology before they are published, and the faces and license plate numbers of the people will be masked so that they cannot be detected, thus protecting the privacy of the people. Street View offers an additional image blur feature (for people, cars, homes, etc.) that can be requested by pressing the “Report a problem” button in the lower right corner of any image.

Street View is a popular feature of Google Maps with over 220 billion images from around the world, including Antarctica and the North Pole. This feature is available on computers and mobile devices as well as Google Earth.

From March 21, “Street View” cars will be available on Latvian roads. You can find out more about Street View and countries where Google cars are currently driving here.

Source: Tv Net

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