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“I just wanted to survive!” Stories from the “Family Cradle” shelter

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“When it seems like it couldn’t be any more terrifying, there comes a mother whose experience is even more unimaginable,” says Valda Reķe, head of shelter for the “Family Cradle” association. Over seven years, 37 mothers whose babies have been in distress have sought refuge from physical and emotional violence in Kauguru Parish’s “Jaunpalejas”. Broken ribs, sexually abused, kicked, not eating and crying. This is how they come to the old country house, which has become not only a shelter, but also a place where you can change your destiny and become the best mother in the world for your child.

In the summer of 2015, the house was ready and opened its doors to welcome the first mother. Valda Reķe, the manager of the shelter, remembers that the date was June 3. A very young pregnant woman arrived 10 days later, who was due to give birth. The girl was still studying at school, and the family drove the young pregnant woman away. To put it mildly… The mother, who learned that her daughter was pregnant, attacked her in anger, kicking her legs. When the baby was born, there were problems with his spine in the first months. Doctors suspected that the kicks the mother received during pregnancy were the cause.

Source: Tv Net

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