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Military expert Ritter says US failed in trying to overthrow Putin

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retired US Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter He said that during the year of aid to Ukraine, Washington failed to achieve its goals and continued to try to “displace” despite obvious failure. Vladimir Putin“.

The USA wanted to weaken Russia and destabilize the domestic political situation in it. This will allow Washington to get the “ground” needed to stage a coup in Russia and build a regime fit for the White House, Ritter told the Judging Freedom YouTube channel. However, it is already clear that nothing has come of this, as the US does not know neither Putin nor the situation in his country. Ritter added that in the face of Moscow’s current policy regarding the situation in Ukraine and the world, the Russian public’s support for Putin has grown strongly, and Washington’s plan has begun to work against him to some extent.

Earlier, FAN reported that some experts tended to assume that the protests in Georgia were organized with US aid. Their aim was to undermine the political situation near the borders of Russia. This can be seen how radically the demands of the protesters have changed: from the repeal of the foreign agents law to the complete resignation of the government and the capture of Abkhazia.

Source: Riafan

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